The Innovation

Dover’s flagship product, CoreGuard, integrates with a processor to safeguard a system from cyber attacks. Using hybrid hardware/software technology, CoreGuard checks every instruction that the processor executes for compliance with software-defined security and safety micropolicies. When an instruction violates any policy, CoreGuard blocks it in real time from executing.

How CoreGuard Works

Metadata Tagging: CoreGuard tags each piece of data and every instruction that is handled by the processor. These tags are pointers to metadata that CoreGuard uses to distinguish good instructions from bad.

Micropolicies: Stored in an area of memory that cannot be accessed by user applications or the operating system, micropolicies are software-defined rules that specify what a processor should and should not do.

Hardware Interlock: CoreGuard’s mechanism for controlling a processor to enforce micropolicies in real time. It enables CoreGuard to check every instruction for compliance with micropolicies, and to block the execution of any violating instruction.

The result is a solution that protects your processor-powered systems against network-based attacks. It’s security that really works, for today and for tomorrow.