The CoreGuard Solution

CoreGuard is semiconductor IP designed to integrate with processor cores and deliver cyber security in silicon. CoreGuard leverages the durability of hardware with the flexibility of software to stop all network-based cyber attacks in their tracks. CoreGuard is licensed as IP to semiconductor or embedded device designers and makers.

Value & Benefit

CoreGuard is one and done security. It’s guaranteed defense against both known and unknown attacks. It delivers customizable and updatable protection, plus it's widely compatible and adaptable. This isn’t your IT guy’s anti-virus: it’s total system security, delivered directly in silicon.

Problem & Need

The Internet of Things means more entry points & more rewards for cyber attackers. Today’s security approaches ignore outdated, vulnerable hardware and try to protect devices with layers of inherently flawed software. For attackers, this is a major win. And the only way to fix the problem is by delivering security at the root of the machine: the processor.