The CoreGuard Solution

Dover's revolutionary hardware-based CoreGuard technology empowers processors to defend themselves in real-time from security, safety, and privacy risks. The CoreGuard solution hardwires cybersecurity directly into the silicon of a host processor to protect against all network-based attacks.

The CoreGuard Advantage

CoreGuard uses silicon to block entire classes of attacks in real-time, before any damage can be done. Our defense goes beyond compartmentalization and can even eliminate zero-day threats. The CoreGuard technology is customizable, updatable, and easily configurable for any given use case or SoC. Plus, CoreGuard is compatible with a wide range of RISC processors. These technological advantages, combined with Dover's simple engagement model and world-class engineering support, make CoreGuard the most advanced solution on the market. With seven years of development, CoreGuard is the ultimate solution to protect embedded systems.

The Big Problem

As the IoT market grows, cybersecurity risks increase in volume and sophistication. The processors inside connected devices are not designed to protect against the vulnerabilities that exist in the software they run. Today's solutions are not working and most only increase vulnerability by adding yet another layer of inherently flawed software. As a result, companies and individuals are left even more exposed.