CoreGuard Technology

Revolutionary hardware-based CoreGuard technology empowers processors to defend themselves in real-time from security, safety, and privacy risks. CoreGuard silicon IP is licensed to semiconductor designers and, once integrated, protects their processors against all network-based attacks and vulnerabilities in software. CoreGuard is optimized for embedded applications and integrates with ARM and RISC-V instruction sets.

CoreGuard Advantage

CoreGuard uses proprietary silicon design to block entire classes of attacks in real-time, before any damage can be done. CoreGuard defense goes beyond compartmentalization and can even eliminate zero-day threats. The CoreGuard technology is customizable, updatable, and easily configurable for any given use case or SoC. These technological advantages, combined with Dover's simple engagement model and world-class engineering support, make CoreGuard the most advanced solution on the market. With over eight years of development, CoreGuard is the ultimate silicon IP cybersecurity solution for processors and embedded systems.

CoreGuard Product

CoreGuard consists of two components: the CoreGuard SDK and the CoreGuard Policy Enforcer RTL. The CoreGuard SDK delivers software compatible with two operating environments and is comprised of an exploit test-bench (32- and 64-bit), compiler toolchain, simulator, micro- kernel, standard security micropolicies and sample applications, and technical documentation. The CoreGuard RTL is licensed and delivered as a set of hardware design files. CoreGuard RTL can include custom modifications specific to each customer’s desired product. Dover provides full integration support and RTL instantiation consultation.