Forget Everything You Know
About Cybersecurity

The majority of cyberattacks exploit bugs in software and on average there are 15 bugs per thousand lines of code. Today's cybersecurity solutions focus on building defensive software around our networks and applications. However, in reality, they only increase vulnerability by adding yet another layer of inherently flawed software.

The cybersecurity problem must be solved at the root cause, the attacker's ability to take over the processor in the first place.

Meet CoreGuard

CoreGuard silicon IP is designed to prevent the exploitation of software vulnerabilities and to empower processors to defend themselves in real-time from all network-based attacks.

How It Works

CoreGuard collects metadata about the application for every piece of data and every instruction that is handled by the host processor—data that was thrown away either during compilation or run-time.

For each instruction, CoreGuard crosschecks the metadata against a set of security, safety, and privacy rules, called “micropolicies,” that are installed on the SoC.

If an instruction violates any micropolicy, CoreGuard's hardware interlock blocks the instruction from executing before any damage can be done.

The CoreGuard Advantage

Based on eight years of development, CoreGuard is the ultimate solution to protect embedded systems.