About Dover


We like to solve hard problems. We like to get together in groups and challenge assumptions. We like to laugh and tell war stories. We’re proudest when we’re able to recruit new champions of processor computing security and we’re happiest when we’re working with our customers to deliver security to the world of IoT.

The Problem

Here’s a dirty little secret: the defensive software peddled by the cyber security industry is doing little to protect you. All application software, including security software, contains bugs. Bugs mean vulnerabilities, and no human programmer can eliminate all known vulnerabilities. Security software alone is a problem, not a solution: in fact, it’s probably making you even more vulnerable.

Our Solution

We want to secure every embedded device on the planet by delivering security in hardware, at the processor level. We design a solution that integrates with an existing processor, on the same chip, to check every instruction’s execution for compliance with security and safety rules.

Why Dover?

Software-only security is bad security, and bad security puts information, lives, and communities at risk. We offer the most advanced hardware security product by focusing on the processor. Our solution secures your existing processors by transforming them into security enforcers without significantly compromising performance or practicality.