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How It Integrates

CoreGuard integrates directly with all RISC processors (ARM, RISC-V, MIPS). Hardware design files are delivered with a full Software Development Kit, making it easy to incorporate CoreGuard technology with any SoC development environment. CoreGuard integrations are fully supported by Dover.

How It's Different

The best way to appreciate the power of CoreGuard is to understand how it goes above and beyond other security approaches. CoreGuard protects devices without requiring full ecosystem adoption, delivers best-in-class reverse compatibility, adapts to different processor cores, and delivers information flow control. Plus it does everything that other "security" solutions do, often outperforming and enhancing existing hardware or software security.

How to Engage

CoreGuard customer engagements begin with a comprehensive technology evaluation, fully supported by Dover, to evaluate specific use cases. Upon the completion of an evaluation, Dover offers licenses to manufacture and ship CoreGuard-enhanced products. Dover also offers direct Bitstream sales for FPGA customers looking to benefit from standard CoreGuard security.

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