7+ Years of Development and Investment

Dover Microsystems was incorporated in April of 2017, but the energy and effort that founded our company dates back to late 2009. Find out more about our journey below. Our heritage shapes us and informs everything that we do, every day.

DARPA 2010-2014

While working at BAE Systems, our Chief Scientist, Greg Sullivan, won a five year, $25M grant from the Defense¬†Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) to rethink industry approaches to security. The effort was the largest component of a broader $100M DARPA project, CRASH, that was launched in reaction to Stuxnet. The resulting five years of work produced much of the theoretical and scientific basis for Dover’s technology: a reinvention of processor capability for the sake of security. The research output was published extensively in the scientific community, and among other admirers, particularly impressed DARPA Deputy Director Ken Gabriel. Our Founder & CEO, Jothy Rosenberg, was funded by DARPA to help transition the technological developments to the commercial world.

Draper 2015-2017

Jothy reconnected with Ken Gabriel at Google, where the latter had taken an executive role after his time at DARPA. Ken informed Jothy of his imminent appointment as Draper’s President and invited Jothy and the founding members of the Dover team to incubate at Draper HQ in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Here, the team grew the company and started to commercialize the technology. Within five months, the Dover team had developed a fully functioning RISC-V processor that demonstrated a proven immunity to Heartbleed, the largest cyber attack in history. Over the next year and a half, the team refined the technology to protect systems against over 90% of known attacks. It was at Draper that Dover developed an initial patent portfolio, recruited external investment, grew a finance, marketing, and business development operation, and secured its first commercial and government customers.

Dover 2017-Present

In April of 2017, Dover Microsystems, Inc. was legally incorporated. By July of 2017, the entirety of Dover’s founding team had fully migrated from Draper to the new company. In July, the company officially exited stealth mode, and in October of 2017, Dover officially announced it’s flagship CoreGuard security solution. Today, we are proudly delivering our technology to customers who understand the importance of a processor-based security solution.